Seekom makes harnessing Google free hotel booking links easy

Seekom makes harnessing Google free hotel booking links easy

There are no secrets at Seekom. That’s why we want all our customers to know about a handy hack for accommodation providers that can set your business up with free booking links on Google. Yes you read that right: free booking links!

Our Channel Manager’s integration with Google Hotel Ads allows you to display your hotels’ direct rates and availability via free hotel booking links shown to prospective guests when they are looking for accommodation in your area on Google search.

This can be done by enabling the feature on the ‘Channel Manager’ page of Seekom iBex, increasing visibility of your accommodation and ensuring you can manage your rates, availability and room information in one place.

Even better, our behind-the-scenes API means rates and availability are updated in real time, ensuring the information displayed in your Google listings is always the same as in your ‘single source of truth’ Seekom system.

Millions of travelers around the world search for accommodation on Google every day, so taking advantage of Google Hotel Ads free booking listings is an easy choice to make.

Set up Google Hotel Ads

Check out our Google Hotel Ads Free Listings Set Up guide to find out how to enable the free listings direct from Seekom iBex.

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