Upsell Platform

Pre-stay upsell platform to maximise profit and enhance the guest experience

We are really excited to announce our new integration with Upsell Guru!

Seekom Customers will now have access to this powerful tool which provides the opportunity to increase revenue via an upgrade after a room has been sold.

Why use the Upsell Platform?

Capitalize on Empty Rooms

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Upsell Guru allows a property to upgrade an existing guest to a more expensive room at a discounted price. This leads to an increase the property’s total revenue and average daily rate figures

Improve the Guest Experience


Offering a discounted upgrade or add-on will ultimately increase the guests satisfaction with their stay at your property. This leads to more repeat guests and a larger client base.

Automate the Process


Upsell Guru is designed to be fully automated. Email templates are set up and scheduled to send based on the preferences of the property. An email offering the opportunity to upgrade could be set up to send 4 days before each guest's arrival for example.



How much is the fee to use UpsellGuru?

How much is the fee to use UpsellGuru? 

We charge a 15% commission on the up-selling revenue that we generate for you.

There is also a setup fee of $250 (1-50 rooms) or $450 (50+ rooms) once the system goes live. *free setup if signed up before 30 June 2021

How long is the agreement?

The agreement gets renewed on a monthly basis. There is no lock-in contract (and no risk).

Do we connect to your current PMS systems?
Yes, we connect to your existing iBex PMS. This allows us to get the necessary bookings data and availability for each individual room type.

1-way interface:

  • Automatically sends out emails
  • Targeted emails and offers depending on segmentation and booking sources
  • Keeps track of room type inventory (varies depending on integration)

2-way interface:

  • Updates the upgrades into the PMS (changes room type and posts up-sell amount)
  • Posts pre-booked add-ons (e.g. breakfast, transfers, spa, etc) into the PMS
  • Automatically accepts or denies upgrade offers depending on your strategy (optional)

2-way interface with Seekom coming in Q3 2020.

How do the Emails work?

Who receives the up-selling offers?

You can include/exclude certain customers to receive the offers by Rate Codes or Market Segments.

We can send emails to every customer with an email address. This also applies to some of the OTAs such as

How will the emails look like?

The emails are fully customizable right from your UpsellGuru back-office to match the look of your website or current emails.

When will the email requests be sent out?

This is up to you. This can be x days after booking and/or x days prior to arrival. We see best results 3 to 5 days prior to arrival when the guest is in the “planning phase” of their trip.

Is UpsellGuru compliant with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)?

Yes, we are. Once you sign up with UpsellGuru we will send you our GDPR agreement that contains detailed information on which data we use, how we store & protect the data and for what purpose we use the data.

How to get started?

How do we get started?

4 easy steps: (1) Sign the (no lock-in) agreement; (2) Setup UpsellGuru; (3) Let us handle the interface; (4) Quick online training & go live.

What is the setup like?

The setup is very straightforward and fast to complete: Setup your rooms with pictures and description and define your up-selling strategy and offers. List the add-ons you wish to sell. Define your target market. Edit the emails to be sent out or trust our standard templates.

What if my guests cancels?

What if a guest cancels the reservation after upgrading, or does not want the upgrade anymore upon check-in?

If not otherwise stated, upgrades are non-cancelable. It is up to you how you handle this at your property and if you charge the guest a cancellation fee.

When you confirm that the guest didn't arrive or cancelled, the upgrade will be canceled and you won't be charged any commission. You can mark the guest as cancelled directly in our back-end.

How do Payments work?

When and how do the customers pay for their upgrades?

Your customers will pay for room upgrades and extra services purchased directly with you at the hotel.

What is the billing cycle?

We will invoice you on a monthly basis. Of course we don't charge you for any upgrade that has been cancelled by your guest.

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