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Seekom's core product is the  iBex Property Management System (PMS). We also offer an integrated Channel Manager, Automated Revenue Management, Website Design, Guest Upselling, Venue Booking System, and so much more.

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Seekom Products

iBex Property Management System (PMS)

Seekom's Property Management System is called iBex, which stands for Internet Booking Exchange.  iBex is Cloud Based, so you can access your PMS on the go. No software, no worries.

This is Seekoms core Product, and was released in 2002 and has grown in strength since then. Each year we add more functionality, so our customers and clients can get the most out of the system. We have extensive training available via our support staff, online documentation, webinars and more.

The iBex Property Management System (PMS) is cloud based software to help you run your business more effectively. Our PMS is packed with features; Dynamic Pricing, Housekeeping, Invoicing, Rate Management, Integrated Channel Manager, Automated Revenue Management, Website Booking Engine and so much more to help you grow your business.

  • Access 24/7

  • No Backups

  • No Software Install

  • No Capital Outlay

  • Regular Updates

  • Website Booking Screens

  • Scalable

  • Suits all types of Accommodation providers

Automated Revenue Management

Seekom is the first property management system (PMS) provider in New Zealand that provides an automated revenue management system supporting your day-to-day price optimisation.

With Seekoms Revenue Management, you get a calendar with 365 days of intelligent price recommendations – updated multiple times a day to optimize your occupancy and revenue. Synced in real time with competitors you choose so you're always ahead of the competition. Sounds good right? Learn more by clicking the button below.


iBex Channel Manager

A sales channel manager enables you to control availability and pricing to distribution channels/resellers/online channel agents (OTA's) on an automated basis from a single point. This not only saves time and effort, but also has a massive potential to get you significantly more bookings and increase occupancy and ADR.

Our iBex systems also provide you with the ability to set up your own agents and provide them with special rates and availability. You can even provide your agents with a custom booking screen to place on their website and earn passive income from you.

Reach a bigger audience and grow your revenue through direct integration to over 20 channels, with more channels constantly being connected so you can scale.

  • Maximize your occupancy and avoid double bookings

  • Automatic syncing your rates and availability

  • Real-time updates

  • Get access to Global Distribution Systems

  • Virtual Properties and Room Types

  • Derived Rates

  • Credit card retrieval

Website Design & Hosting

Let us take the hassle out of web design for you. Beautiful, responsive designs at a competitive price. Mobile friendly and built with your clients and customers needs in mind. We provide our clients support Monday to Friday.

We are a team dedicated to bringing accommodation providers the best possible website & digital presence. With over 200 websites spanning all types of accommodation, we are leaders in the digital presence of accommodation providers.

Website design is imperative to direct bookings online. We can take care of all aspects, including Logo design, SEO, Email Hosting, Monthly Reporting and more, to make sure you stand out among the crowd.

Seekoms Website Booking Engine and Availability integrates with our platform seamlessly.

Venue Management System - VenueRez

Imagine being able to manage your venue, function or meeting space with a single venue management system? Say goodbye to email requests, booking spreadsheets and clumsy calendars. Streamline your venue bookings with our end-to-end system, and maximise revenue on your bookable spaces.

You'll save staff time responding to enquiries when you're fully booked and save your customers the hassle of having to contact you for venue availability.

So, whether your venue is big or small, easy to find or off the beaten track, Seekom VenueRez has a solution to suit your business. Because it's our business to grow your business - and more efficiently.

One of our amazing business development managers will be in touch to showcase our product to you and talk you through how we can help grow your business.