Simplify your accounting with our Xero integration for Seekom

The start of a new financial year is the ideal time to streamline your accounting processes.

If you’re one of our Seekom users who also harnesses Xero accounting software, you can set yourself up for a smooth-sailing tax ride by using our time-saving Xero integration.

This integration can reduce double-handling of invoices at the end of the tax year and simplify accounting reconciliation processes.

Xero integration for Seekom

Match payments with invoices automatically

One of the beauties of our Xero integration is its ability to take the hassle out of matching payments with invoices.

With the click of a few buttons you can match all reconciled payments in Xero with the relevant invoices in Seekom iBex, giving you a clear idea about which invoices have outstanding fees associated with them.

This will give you full visibility of which invoices have been paid and reconciled in either system – less cross-referencing required.

Invoice and credit note consistency

Want to ensure all your invoices and credit notes display with the same key information in both Seekom and Xero?

When Seekom is synced with Xero you can rapidly create invoices and credit notes and link them to Xero from their Seekom invoice number, pulling across the invoice number, invoice date, due date and booking reference number from Seekom all in one go.

Financial hygiene: confirm your invoices and credit notes are linked

Our Xero integration includes an ‘Invoices report’ to help you ensure all your Seekom invoices have been replicated and linked in Xero. This report highlights the invoices that have not been linked to Xero, giving you a handy to-do list to follow up on.

Xero integration guide for Seekom users

Want to save time with our Xero integration? Find out how by reading our helpful guide on setting up our Xero integration in Seekom.