Property Management System for Holiday Parks

Why you should use Property Management System Software for your Caravan Parks and Camping Parks

Why you should use Property Management System Software for your Caravan Parks and Camping Parks

Property Management Systems (PMS) are used widely by accommodation providers and are already being used by many caravan and camping parks around the world. With domestic travel in the UK being so high as hospitality and tourism gets busy again, it’s only natural that being able to efficiently maximise your time, space, and staff power is going to help your business thrive in the current climate. 

Property Management System Software provides a centralized web application to organize, schedule and perform the day-to-day functions and transactions involved in accommodation businesses for your park.

Our property management system (PMS) iBex can comfortably be used without need for any specific hardware or even directly from your mobile. When running a busy caravan park, this would allow you to manage on the go without having to increase staffing as each member of staff can access new bookings, arrivals and departures, or even daily jobs as needed.

Read on to find out some key reasons why Property Management Software is important to a Caravan Park or Camping Park in the UK and abroad in 2021.

1. Functional Software for Camping and Caravan Parks

Seekom's property management system (PMS) provides many functions to Camping and Caravan Park providers & owners to manage their business effectively and efficiently.

Some of those functions are:

2. Link your Caravan or Camping Park with online travel agents (OTA's)

Our property management system (PMS) is designed to allow you to link all of your booking sources back to our cloud-based system. Reservations from Online Travel Agents (OTAs), your own site, and manual booking entries are easily fed through to the system and allocated to appropriate units. Common examples of an Online Travel Agent are, Expedia and Trivago. Linking your Caravan Park or Camping Park with OTA's allows you to increase your properties visibility in the market - effectively increasing the size of your net. However do be aware these agents will take a commission for providing you bookings. 

3. Add a booking engine to your website to capture direct bookings

Create your own personalised front booking screen for your website; listing availability, extras, and the option to allow promotional codes. The power of direct bookings allows you to price your Caravan Park or Camping Park without any OTA commission - meaning your guests get a cheaper price and you make more revenue. Promotional codes also provide an incentive which you can add to your social media and other communication platforms, increasing your occupancy. 

4. Manage rates and units from a central location for multiple platforms

To ensure the most effective use of the space available to you, you can set up units for day visits, block off seasonal pitches, and map units to multiple room types. Rates can be altered manually, given set rules to vary situationally, or linked up with Room Price Genie (RPG) which can automatically update rates depending on local data. You can also set minimum stays for those busy holiday periods, and a host of other customisable options that our support staff are ready to help you take advantage of. 

5. Make use of the information and help available

If you're used to pen and paper or a spreadsheet - the technology at first can be daunting. Whichever software you do choose - make sure to make the most of it by reading up on online documentation and engaging with a support team for the software to make sure you get adequate training.

Our support team is always here to provide clear, concise training, and on-going assistance so that you can make the most of our property management system (PMS). We've trained and assisted many Parks, Caravan Parks, Camping Parks and everything in-between to make sure they get the most out of our system and are operating at an optimum level.

With over 2000+ properties worldwide and the leader in New Zealand for Holiday Park Property Management Software, you can be sure that we have the solution and training for you.

6. Bonus Tip - Get a Free Demo of our Property Management System for Caravan Parks and Holiday Parks today!

Once you've signed up for a free demo, we can provide you with a test account to explore the product, if you have an existing system with someone else we can transfer the data and future and past bookings across to our system with ease, and we set you up with all the channels you need such as or Expedia. We have a vast toolkit ready to help you maximize yield and get the greatest return year round.

One of our amazing business development managers will be in touch to showcase our product to you and talk you through how we can help grow your business.