Google Hotel Ads by Seekom

Seekom is excited to announce our new service, Google Hotel Ads.


We've partnered with leading meta search company Myhotelshop to power direct bookings to our customers through Google Hotel Advertisements.


With Online Travel Agents already using this service to secure potential customers, why not take full advantage of the Seekom Toolkit and capture those potential customers by sending them directly from Google Maps or Google searches direct to your online booking screens, with instantaneous availability and rates.


Automated and scalable, our integration works seamlessly with Myhotelshop to deliver you more revenue, for less work.


More market share, more customers, higher occupancy, more revenue. Easy.

What exactly are Google Hotel Ads?

Google Hotel Ads utlizies the Google platform for users searching for specific accommodation, or accommodation in an area, to showcase your property for users to book online with instant availability and confirmation.


Millions of searches are performed on Google Ads every day, with Google releasing figures that Google estimates metasearch ads on their platform have a potential to reach over 1 Billion users per week, with 1 in 3 hotel queries start in Google maps and 1 in 4 hotel bookings start in Google maps for accommodation.


This is a huge chance for our customers at Seekom to convert these potential guests into customers and own the guest experience.


These ads show in the search, maps and assistant variants of Google.

Google Hotel Ads New Zealand

Difference Between GHA and OTAs

The main and most important difference between the two is where the booking is finalized, and who owns the customer relationship in the end. If a guest books through your own booking engine or website, they have a relationship with you, tag in you in social media posts, leave reviews against your property, and ultimately increase further bookings and engagement from not only themselves but also for others. 


However if they book through an Online Travel Agent, the relationship, reviews etc is left on that platform, further distancing you from getting repeat customers and new customers from that guests stay. Metasearch, and in this case Google Hotel Ads, is a driving factor in not only getting you more exposure and direct bookings, but giving you the power to own the guest experience, from pre arrival all the way through to post departure. 

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How does the integration work?

There's a lot of technical parts going on the background to make sure your rates and campaigns are performing at the most optimal level. Seekom control this all for you with Myhotelshop so that you can sit back, relax and watch the direct bookings come in. With algorithmic automation 24/7 with some human interaction (the best of both worlds!) we can make sure that everything is functioning smoothly.


There's no work from your site at all - from the set up all the way through to the Cost Per Click (CPC) -  it is all handled by us. Our CPC campaigns use high performance marketing with flexibility and adaptability to scale in the direction you need to make sure you're hitting your occupancy targets.


Our goal at Seekom is our Booking Engine becomes the strongest conversion channel. The long term shift of revenue to direct customers from other platforms straight to your shop window via targeted optimization of Booking Engine and GHA

Google Hotel Ads

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