Latest changes improve guest communications, save time and paper

American novelist Mark Twain is famously credited with saying “continuous improvement is better than delayed perfection”.

We wouldn’t claim to be perfect at Seekom, but we do aim to roll out regular enhancements that make our leading property management software that little bit more powerful, easy to use and effective for people running accommodation businesses around the world.

The past few weeks have seen the introduction of three small enhancements to help you improve your guest communications and save staff time (and paper!).

Seekom latest improvements

Schedule guest notification emails during event weekends or holidays

You can now set up and schedule emails to be sent to guests during select time periods. This will be useful for those who want to send messages to guests at key times, perhaps to inform them of visitor rules during event weekends or remind them to keep noise down after midnight on New Year’s Eve.

Scheduled emails can be set up in Seekom’s Email Scheduler.
Scheduled emails can be set up in Seekom’s Email Scheduler.
Seekom users can now navigate to the Arrivals & Departures screen and use the Arrivals tab to tick all vehicle registrations they want printed on a single page.
Seekom users can now navigate to the Arrivals & Departures screen and use the Arrivals tab to tick all vehicle registrations they want printed on a single page.
Multiple vehicle registrations can now be printed on one page, for those who want to save paper.
Multiple vehicle registrations can now be printed on one page, for those who want to save paper.

Print multiple vehicle registrations on one page to save paper

Seekom includes a time saving feature that allows you to print the vehicle registrations provided by your guests, for display on their vehicle dashboards during check-in. This smooths the check-in process while also making it easy for you to keep track of which vehicles in your carpark belong to paying guests.

We’ve recently made a small enhancement to this feature to make it possible to print multiple vehicle registrations on a single piece of paper. You can still print registrations individually if you prefer, but this enhancement will be helpful for those who want to save paper by printing multiple vehicle registrations on a page before separating them using your cutting implement of choice to give to customers on arrival.

Multiple vehicle registrations can now be printed on one page, for those who want to save paper.
Multiple vehicle registrations can now be printed on one page, for those who want to save paper.

Plus a small time-saving change on the finance screen

A small change has been introduced on the finance screen to ensure the ‘Paid in by’ field is pre-populated with the name of the lead guest by default. This can still be changed as normal but pre-populating it with the lead guest will save some time in the majority of situations where the guest making the booking is also the person making the payment.

The ‘Paid in by’ field will now have the lead-guest pre-selected on Seekom’s finance screen, saving staff time when entering payments.
The ‘Paid in by’ field will now have the lead-guest pre-selected on Seekom’s finance screen, saving staff time when entering payments.

That’s all for now, but we will have some exciting further changes coming up in the months ahead. Stay tuned and we will be sure to let you know as further enhancements are rolled out.

Simplify your accounting with our Xero integration for Seekom

The start of a new financial year is the ideal time to streamline your accounting processes.

If you’re one of our Seekom users who also harnesses Xero accounting software, you can set yourself up for a smooth-sailing tax ride by using our time-saving Xero integration.

This integration can reduce double-handling of invoices at the end of the tax year and simplify accounting reconciliation processes.

Xero integration for Seekom

Match payments with invoices automatically

One of the beauties of our Xero integration is its ability to take the hassle out of matching payments with invoices.

With the click of a few buttons you can match all reconciled payments in Xero with the relevant invoices in Seekom iBex, giving you a clear idea about which invoices have outstanding fees associated with them.

This will give you full visibility of which invoices have been paid and reconciled in either system – less cross-referencing required.

Invoice and credit note consistency

Want to ensure all your invoices and credit notes display with the same key information in both Seekom and Xero?

When Seekom is synced with Xero you can rapidly create invoices and credit notes and link them to Xero from their Seekom invoice number, pulling across the invoice number, invoice date, due date and booking reference number from Seekom all in one go.

Financial hygiene: confirm your invoices and credit notes are linked

Our Xero integration includes an ‘Invoices report’ to help you ensure all your Seekom invoices have been replicated and linked in Xero. This report highlights the invoices that have not been linked to Xero, giving you a handy to-do list to follow up on.

Xero integration guide for Seekom users

Want to save time with our Xero integration? Find out how by reading our helpful guide on setting up our Xero integration in Seekom.

Save time and boost security with Seekom’s latest improvements

As part of our constant commitment to improving Seekom’s functionality to save you time and keep your systems and data more secure, we're highlighting three of our latest system enhancements.

Discover how to save time by addressing emails to groups and locating guest details with handy new search fields, plus be aware of new password requirements to keep your data safer than ever.

Save time and boost security with Seekom’s latest improvements

Send emails to multiple room types with ease

You can now select multiple properties and multiple room types when setting up your email scheduler. The scheduler allows you to create automated email messages that provide important information to guests at different pre-set times before, during or after their stay with you (e.g. a day prior to arrival, the day before check-out and a day after they leave).

Say goodbye to creating separate emails for each different category of rooms and welcome the ease of sending out one batch email to all of them instead. A real time saver.

email schedular in booking screen

Search and sort from the Arrivals and Departure screens

We’ve added a search field and sort function to make it easier to track down guests from your Seekom Arrivals and Departures screens.

If you have lots of different units at your property you can now use the search bar to find your guests easily rather than having to keep scrolling down the screen. Alternatively, you can sort the screen by guest name, unit number, booking reference number or even vehicle registration plate to find them.

Search using name

Beefed up password strength requirements

Strong passwords are a key part of your business’s online defense strategy in the fight against cybercrime. A best practice is to update your password often and make sure it’s strong enough to resist the nefarious efforts of hackers.

Our new beefed up password requirements require passwords to have at least eight characters and include a minimum of one lowercase letter, one uppercase letter, one number and one symbol. It might seem a bit over the top, but if you’re going to use a password you might as well use one that does the job properly.

seekom change password

To update your password, select 'My Account' from your Seekom iBex menu. Once there, select the Change Password button, which will open the Change Password pop up window.

In the future, we will be implementing two-factor authentication to apply an extra layer of online security armour. To learn more about keeping safe online read our data security article.

These three savvy Seekom system tweaks are live and ready to save your time and keep you secure online – make the most of them.

One of our amazing business development managers will be in touch to showcase our product to you and talk you through how we can help grow your business.

Join the beta test for our new streamlined booking calendar

Booking calendar upgrade

We’re excited to be rolling out a supercharged Seekom back-end booking calendar to make managing bookings easier for you and your staff. Due for release in Q2, the revamped booking calendar features:

  • State-of-the-art design to provide a fresh look and feel that makes it easier to use.
  • A bigger engine under the calendar’s hood meaning faster loading and less time holding up customers at your front desk while it loads.
  • New easy-to-understand icons showing the third-party site where the booking originated from, or whether it was a direct booking.

Sign up to be part of the beta test

Our team has been working on the booking calendar for months and we’re almost ready to unveil it – pending some final testing.

We’re searching for a select group of beta testers who are keen to experience the time-saving and performance benefits of the new booking calendar, while also helping us shape it into the best version of itself with their feedback.

Register your interest in being part of the beta test if you want to enjoy the benefits of the new booking calendar early and play a part in making it as tailored as possible to the needs of accommodation providers, sign up here.

Make your end of financial year easier with these four Seekom reports

Make your end of financial year easier with these four Seekom reports

Feeling frazzled with end-of-financial-year accounting looming large? Fear not: Seekom is here to save the day with a host of helpful reports designed to make it easy to get those accounting ducks in a row and flying in a tax-compliant direction.

We asked the superheroes in our support team to select the top Seekom reports for accommodation businesses navigating the end of the financial year and planning for the future. Knowledge is power – use it to your advantage!

Payments Received Report

Need to track down a payee’s name or a comment you left on a payment you received to help you reconcile and finalise your end of year accounts?The Payments Received Report makes tracking it down easy by allowing you to search through all your payment records.

A host of filters will save you time by letting you create bespoke reports to pinpoint the information you require. These filters include ‘booking reference’, ‘invoice number’, ‘payment reference’ and even ‘comments’.

Sales Report

Sometimes it can be useful to analyse your sales figures over a particular period so you can see when your business is most profitable, figure out why, and adjust your rates or services accordingly.

We created the Sales Report to give you all your sales data at a glance. It provides an itemised sales list inclusive of accommodation charges and any extra additional services, which you can filter to customise your report and hone in on details.

Unpaid Bookings Report

Keeping track of past bookings that haven’t been paid or invoiced can be a headache. That’s why we’ve created the Unpaid Bookings Report to help you identify and neatly resolve any past bookings, made by anyone, that still haven’t been invoiced or paid for.

Aside from showing uninvoiced and unpaid bookings up until the date of the report being pulled, this report can also be helpful for analysing your booking data. For example, if the number of unpaid bookings at your accommodation is increasing over time, you might want to consider incentivising advance payment by guests.

Debtors’ Report

If you worry you might miss collecting funds you’re owed specifically by corporates or online travel agents (OTAs), the Debtors’ Report is for you.

You’ll be able to see, at a glance, all outstanding balances they owe for past and future bookings, and how long their payments have been overdue. This ensures you can take action sooner rather than later – always a good thing when it comes to chasing up debts.

Don’t forget - Seekom syncs with Xero!

To make it even simpler to manage your accounts Seekom works hand-in-hand with Xero, allowing you to post invoices and credit notes directly to it. Find out more about syncing Seekom with Xero in our help guide.

At Seekom we’re always trying to make your life easier by letting you enjoy more success and less stress. We’ve created these reports to save you time and help you navigate the tax system with confidence – we hope they simplify the challenge of running your business.