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Accommodation Automation: The Power of Automation as an Accommodation Provider

The Power of Automation as an Accommodation Provider

Accommodation automation is more important than ever. You will probably agree that few things are more valuable than spare time at present as an accommodation owner and operator in 2021.


Many accommodation providers are being forced to cut overheads in the midst of a global pandemic and owners are now spending more time in the office, manning the front desks and cleaning rooms than ever before. With this in mind, it’s not surprising to learn that automation technology - that takes the manual labour out of many day to day procedures, is gaining a huge amount of popularity in the accommodation industry right now.

What is automation in accommodation?

Automation Technology can be defined as any electronic product or system that is set up based on a set of rules, to run free from human intervention. These rules will normally be used to process a set of incoming live data, and respond to this data by completing a certain task. For example - an automatic payment set up with a bank is a piece of automation technology, where the rules set up are the amount of money sent each week, the day of the week the payment is sent on, and the bank account in which it is to be sent. The set of incoming live data that triggers the payment to process to occur is the date and time. 

How does automation help me run my accommodation business?

Accommodation-specific automation technology can save property owner operators a great deal of time in various different facets of their day to day operation. Today we're going to list some of the most popular automated features used in the accommodation industry today. So read on for a deep insight into how Seekom can help you spend more time doing what you with automation in the accommodation industry.

Automation Tool #1: Express Check-In

In the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic, there has been a huge increase in the use of contactless check in systems. Express Check-In automation allows an online form to be automatically sent to your guests via email prior to arrival. This lets the guest complete the check in process ahead of time so they can skip the visit to the front desk on the day of arrival. Not only does this avoid the need for face to face contact, but it also significantly decreases the workload for your reception staff. 

Automation Tool #2: Credit Card and Payment Gateway Functionality

Gone are the days of having to swipe your guests cards through your EFTPOS machine every time you want to take payment for a booking. Many property management systems now offer built in payment gateway integrations which allow you to capture and charge the card automatically at the time of booking. Some properties also set up rules to automatically take a deposit or hold funds. This is a far safer way of taking credit card payments and will save you a ton of time. 

Automation Tool #3: Scheduled Emails and Upselling Automation

If you are running an accommodation based business, you are probably no stranger to scheduled email automation. This technology allows you to automatically send booking and payment confirmations, plus any additional information your guest may need prior to arrival. What many properties haven’t used however, is automated emails for upselling purposes. Products such as UpsellGuru allow properties to send emails prior to arrival offering guests the chance to upgrade their room and add any extras. This has proved to boost revenue significantly and can be fully automated. 

Automation Tool #4: Revenue Management Systems

Automated revenue management systems update room rates based on market demand and fluctuations in occupancy. The systems are configured based on a set of minimum and maximum price limitations for each room and check your own price against your competitors every 2 hours. This ultimately leads to far higher revenue earnings, as well as the peace of mind of not having to worry about whether your prices are correct. 

Automation Tool #6: Smart Locks and Gate Control

Properties that automate their room locks and gate controls save time and money on managing and replacing room keys. Many accommodation providers have implemented systems that generate and send unique room access codes to each guest. Not only does this add another step to the contactless check in process, but it also makes the check in process far easier. QR codes can also be generated via phone apps to access rooms. 

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