Sleep soundly after reception has closed

After Hours Cutoff

Have you ever had a guest call in the middle of the night, long after reception has closed, wanting keys to a room they just booked through a sales channel?

iBex’s After Hours Cutoff feature can prevent these unexpected late-night arrivals.

iBex allows you to set a cutoff time for each of your room types. When this time is reached every evening, all remaining rooms for the night automatically become “On Request”. Rooms for that night can no longer be sold on your sales channels. On your own website, the rooms become requestable - so guests cannot make a confirmed booking, but they can send you a booking request. You can then decline or accept the request, if you’re feeling charitable!

After Hours Cutoff works on a room type basis - so you can have different settings for different room types. You may not want someone to book a cabin after reception closes, but still allow tent site bookings all night.


For more information on After Hours Cutoff please see our help page here or contact our support team.