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Seekom Quarterly Update

Seekom Quarterly Update

Welcome to the Seekom quarterly update.

It's been a busy few months in Q2 - Conferences, new features and functionality and more updates from the Development team.

Keep reading to learn about what Seekom has been up to since the last update and what we're doing to help you grow your business, occupancy and revenue in 2021.

1. 2021 Seekom Conference

Our 2021 Conference was a huge success. With over 100 attendees (including staff) at the Rydges Hotel in Wellington - our clients came away with a vast amount of ideas, experience and skills to assist them. From day to day operations to revenue growth and privacy, our diverse range of keynote speakers inspired and educated the audience with their subject matter.


Seekom is very passionate about upskilling our clients in any area we can assist, as we want to work with you to make sure you're getting the highest level of occupancy and revenue that you can. We see the conference as a way to achieve this, as well as a great way for operators to network with suppliers and each other to gain that valuable knowledge.

If you missed out on our conference - dont worry! We will be hosting one in 2022 (hopefully - looking at you COVID!)

Below is a small gallery of some of the great photography captured by the talented Adrian Heke who was present at the event taking photos.

2. Website Booking Engine

Our new website booking engine is almost ready!

With it's modern UX (user experience) design and ease of use for your customers - a higher website conversion ratio and more direct bookings are just around the corner.

We're really excited to release these to our customers and bring in a more modern design of our website booking engine. The ability to track your marketing efforts through Google Analytics, Google Ads and Facebook Pixel will assist you or your marketing company in identifying ROI.

The booking screens will be released in phases, with the first iteration being quite "stripped back" to the essentials, and each phase will bring further functionality. We estimate the first phase of the booking engine to be with you by August 2021.

Please note these booking screens are still in development and are subject to change.

Default view
Default view
Calendar view
Calendar view

3. Google Hotel Ads

Seekom is excited to announce our new service for our customers - Google Hotel Ads.

We've partnered with leading meta search company myhotelshop to power direct bookings to our customers using this service.

Google Hotel Ads utilizes the Google map and search platform for users searching for specific accommodation, or accommodation in an area, to showcase your property for users to book online with instant availability and confirmation.

If you'd like to more about this service click here for more information or find the link in our menu under services.

Google Hotel Ads
Google Hotel Ads New Zealand

4. HKeeper Housekeeping App

Optimize and automate your workflow with HKeeper's advanced housekeeping and virtual concierge module.

Control Housekeeping, maintenance and internal communications from the app. Automate tasks and automatically send guests a cleanliness certificate on completion.

Room service and concierge services are efficient using the virtual concierge, guests can access via a QR code and web application sending orders directly to the kitchen, bar or wherever they need to go to deliver a fast and reliable service.

HKeeper saves you time and money. Click here to visit their website. 


5. RevM8 - INNtelligent data

Automated Competitive Pricing Solutions and Analytics for Hotels, Motels, Independent Accommodation Providers and Small to Medium Chains.

Are you leaving money on the table?

One of the main responsibilities of a hotelier, motelier or independent accommodation operator is to ensure you are ahead of your competition both in occupancy and rate.

The reality is that you are most probably not a revenue management expert & there isn’t time in the day to analyse your competitor’s every move and make the right pricing decisions.

How can RevM8 help me?

  • SAVE PRECIOUS TIME - No need to waste precious resources to manually check competitors discounted rates across different OTA’s, room types and rate plans across a range of days.
  • MAXIMISE REVENUE - Easily identify days when competitors are sold out so you can maximize your rate and revenue.
  • IDENTIFY OPPORTUNITIES - Know on which dates in the future your competitors have changed their rate and by how much giving you key insights into their demand.
  • ACCURATE COMPETITOR TRACKING - Track data by Room Category to compare similar room types of Competitors.
  • MOBILE APP, TEXT & EMAIL ALERTS - Mobile App for data at your fingertips. Action alerts immediately with daily WhatsApp text alerts and emails.
  • RANKING AND REVIEW SCORE COMPARISON - See your Ranking Visibility Position on an OTA and Review Score versus the competition

RevM8 is your personal revenue partner that alerts you to only the critical dates and information you need to focus on.

Click here to view RevM8's website, or click here for their promotional video. 

One of our amazing business development managers will be in touch to showcase our product to you and talk you through how we can help grow your business.