5 Tips for Hotel Software and Hotel Property Management Systems

5 Tips for Hotel Software and Hotel Property Management Systems

5 Tips for Hotel Software and Hotel Property Management Systems

Hotel Software and Property Management System functionality is abundant in todays industry. Utilizing cloud based software that adds many levels of functions, reporting and data analysis is very important when operating a Hotel. We've listed the top five tips for you when operating a Hotel and using Hotel Software.

1. Automated Revenue Management

Hotel Software has grown in technology over the years, and gone are the days that you must have a Revenue Manager in your team. The ability to scan competitors, upcoming events and adjust rates automatically can be accessed from companies offering this service, which can significantly reduce costs and overheads in your Hotel. Seekom offer this service using our API connection to European company RoomPriceGenie.

We've seen as a Company significant growth for all types of accommodation providers by using this service. Having the right price, at the perfect time allows you to capitalize on guests looking to book in your area, or at your Hotel specifically.

2. Upselling before the guest arrives

If you're looking to automate your Hotel Software, consider using an Upselling service that will send automated emails to an arrival a month, a week or a day out of their check in time. The ability to offer the guest extra features, amenities, tours and other extras can lead to a significant increase on the total room value, and their booking. Not only this, but you're providing the guest with more options.

A report published by HotelSpeak in 2020 stated that the distribution of what is sold via an upsell varies depending on the location and size of the hotel. As a Hotelier you know your guests best - so add the extras you think make your Hotel special!

Psst - Seekom also offer this functionality. Head over to our upselling page here to learn more.

3. Tracking the data on your platforms

Analyzing your Hotel Software channels is one of the most key aspects to understanding what your guests and potential guests want. Consider adding Google Analytics to your website with specific goals and conversions set up, add Facebook and Instagram Pixel information so that you can advertise to users who dropped off your website, generate reports so that you can digest the information through channels and figure out your personas and demographics. The list is huge for this one, if you're not sure where to start you could always look at hiring a marketing professional.

4 Housekeeping Applications

Just like revenue management, you can now save significant time by using a Housekeeping application such as HKeeper. Track job sheets, assign work, manage staff and cleaning duties, assign roles and more within an app such as this. The app can be given to all staff to improve productivity and efficiency, as well allowing the manager or GM to track and report on workload and jobs done. This information can also be parsed or handed over to the reception staff to communicate with a new arrival. (e.g - their room has been cleaned and are able to check in early)

5. Dashboards & Reporting

Viewing occupancy & revenue at a glance is important to management to plan marketing initiatives, rate adjustment, events and more in todays market. The ability to produce reports using different factors and metrics allows you to quickly astatine the data you require to make certain decisions and it has never been easier with Property Management Systems and Software providers to provide you with this information. Coupled with Marketing data and website data you act assured that you're making the right move forward for your Hotel.

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