Hotel Property Management System

Seekom's Property Management System is a complete solution for Hotel owners. If you're looking for a PMS that can do it all for your Hotel - look no further.

Outlined on this page for you is a detailed spec of what Seekom's Hotel Property Management System can do for your Hotel.

Property Management System for Hotels

Hotel Property Management System

Our cloud based hotel property management system has a range of integrations and functions that can increase efficiency and help you scale - all the while increasing occupancy and revenue year round. Below is just some of the amazing features we can offer you.

Point of Sale (POS)

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Our API integration with the Lightspeed (formerly Kounta) POS system allows you to take payments at the bar, reception or other areas which connects directly to our PMS for reporting and analytics in our dashboards.

Housekeeping App


Manage all your Housekeeping staff, inventory, task lists and more with our API integration with HKeeper - one of the worlds leading software companies in the Housekeeping sector. All controlled via an app.

Keyless App Check In & Kiosk


Seekoms integration with Altitude allows for keyless app check in for your customers and reception staff, as well as a virtual kiosk for those customers checking in out of hours.

Xero Integration


Seekom Hotel Property Management System integrates with Xero for all your invoicing, billing and reconciliation needs, allowing you to instantly post invoices and credit notes directly to Xero via the Seekom Hotel PMS.

Credit Card Capture & Payment Gateway


Our windcave integration allows Hotel's using our Property Management System to capture, store and charge Credit and Debit cards in Seekom and our Booking Engine.

Automated Revenue Management

Upsell feature to boost revenue

Our leading integration partner RoomPriceGenie allows Seekom customers to full automate their rates whilst scanning competitors, the area and upcoming events. Grow your revenue on average by 20% with this software without needing to hire a revenue manager.

Upsell Guru

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Pre-stay upsell platform to maximize profit and enhance the guest experience. Our integration with UpsellGuru allows you to increase revenue via an upgrade after a room has been sold.

Unlimited Users


Hotel Property Management Software clients often have multiple users, sometimes in multiple locations. Seekom allow for unlimited users to our system for your login.

Advanced Analytics & Reporting


Seekom offer reports and dashboards for all types of financial reports and analysis. ADR, RevPar, Unpaid Bookings Reports, Revenue Reports and more at a glance.

Booking Engine

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Our Booking Engine can be added to any webpage or link, and has the ability to track conversions via Google Tag Manager, Pixel and Google Analytics. We also offer inhouse web development.

Guest Communication


Simplify how you talk to guests through automated emails and SMS at the touch of a button. All integral to our Property Management System. Our PMS can email on your behalf right out of the system so you don't have to open up another window.

Integrated Channel Manager

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Control your different online platforms in one place with our Integrated Channel Manager. Connect to 20+ channels with more constantly being added. Add coroprate rates and booking availability, set up your own agents and more.

One of our amazing business development managers will be in touch to showcase our product to you and talk you through how we can help grow your business.