Updates from the Seekom Roadmap

Our engineering team and support team have been working in overdrive to help deliver you new features to help improve your business and yield. 

Our most exciting upcoming development is an integration with Point of Sale system, Kounta. Kounta, like iBex, is a great cloud-based service that you can run from any device - no need to purchase POS hardware! Our team is working hard to build an integration with Kounta so you can record purchases at your restaurant, cafe or bar straight into the guest’s booking in iBex.

Some other developments that have been rolled out recently are:

  • General iBex Improvements:

New Dashboard (including Pace Reports)

New Housekeeping Module

Version 5

2 Factor Security Login for iBex Vault

  • Integrations: 

New revenue management integration with Room Price Genie

More channel connections (eg Pan Pacific)


  • Company Improvements:

Increased development team

Increased website team

New Customer Success team

  • Structural Improvements:

UX Design for better usability

  • Architecture changes:

Adopting Ibex into a more cloud-native environment by breaking down the monolith into microservices, which means;

    • Scalability - Support our growing customer base.
    • Performance - System latency improvement.
    • High Availability - 99.999% server uptime with resiliency.
    • Continuous Deployment (CI/CD) - Getting new products out much quicker.
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All of the above are essential to making sure that Seekom and iBex are fresh, modern, secure, and delivering you the best possible service.