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Pet Friendly Stays by Seekom

Thank you for your response to our survey on pet friendly accommodation. We are delighted with the strong interest that has been shown by our customers who offer pet friendly accommodation. 

We are planning to launch a new website and booking engine that we believe will be very popular with guests looking for pet friendly accommodation.  We expect this website to be ready from 1 October 2021.

It will highlight information specifically related to pets including available room types, facilities, terms and conditions etc.


How Does It Work?

  • Seekom will list you on a nationwide multi property booking engine filtered on location with real time availability.
  • The potential guest searches for available accommodation in the selected location for the dates of their stay.
  • All properties will be listed but those with availability will be displayed first.
  • Guests can select more information which will give them property details including information on facilities, terms & conditions specific to pets (eg specific room types and validity periods).
  • If the guest selects Book Now, they will be taken directly to your booking engine but specially configured for bookings applicable to staying with pets i.e. will be filtered to only show available room types that are pet friendly. This will not affect the booking engine on your website.
  • They will be asked for information about their pet that you will need for the booking
  • The guest completes the booking and pays you direct.
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Advantages For You

  • Listing is free of charge.
  • Exclusive to Seekom customers.
  • Configured specifically for guests looking for pet friendly accommodation.
  • The guest books directly with you.  
  • You own the guest from the date the booking is made and can communicate with them like any guest who books directly with you.
  • You do not have to wait to get paid. You are paid by the guest.
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What's The Cost?

  • Listing on the website is free of charge.
  • A charge of 5% on the value of the booking will apply for non cancelled bookings at departure date.
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Interested? Then please provide the following details:

We will use this information to set you up on the booking engine. When it's ready, we will give you a link to review and approve it.

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