Pet friendly stays

Pet Friendly Stays is now live.

Seekom launches pet friendly stays to make travelling with the whole family easy

Seekom has launched Pet Friendly Stays, the first travel accommodation website entirely dedicated to helping New Zealanders find pet-friendly accommodation for their next holiday.

With 64% of New Zealand households owning pets as of 2020, and that number now boosted by the influx of new pet ownership during COVID-19, taking the entire family on holiday has become a common travel consideration for many Kiwis.

Seekom General Manager Nicole Irschick said catered for New Zealanders’ love for their furry companions by making finding accommodation for the whole family easier.

“With the site’s launch, New Zealand pet owners are now able to find accommodation that welcomes every member of the family and provides for all their needs, right down to the nearest patch of grass.”

At present, users of Seekom’s property management system can email to have their relevant accommodation offerings on Pet Friendly Stays.

Pet Friendly Stays displays accommodation for the whole family, including pets
Pet Friendly Stays displays accommodation for the whole family, including pets

“Providers can make all or some of their rooms available to the website, but the website will only show those rooms that have been designated as pet-friendly,” Irschick said.

“Unlike other websites, which sometimes list properties as pet-friendly as a whole, Pet Friendly Stays goes into more granular detail, listing the aspects of individual rooms that pet owners might find relevant. Listings can also be filtered by region or type of accommodation.”

The website allows accommodation providers to include additional information about local amenities and necessities for pets and their owners, such as local dog parks, the best nearby pet-friendly walking trails, or closest vet clinics.

Seekom is the New Zealand-based company behind the market-leading property management platform of the same time. The cloud-based Seekom platform is used by more than 2,000 properties in New Zealand and around the world, generating hundreds of thousands of bookings annually.

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