Keep track of your regular guests

Customer Notes and Warnings


Do you have a lot of return guests? You can use iBex to keep track of important information on your repeat customers.

Customer with a preference for certain rooms?

Heavy snorer that your staff need to know to assign to the room at the end of the hallway?

Vegan regular, so you need to remember to pick up some soy milk for breakfast?

You can store all of these as customer notes, so your staff are informed when a booking for the guest is made.


For difficult customers, a customer alert can be added. This prevents them from making confirmed bookings on your website, and only allows them to make booking requests. Alerts can also be used to warn your staff if a customer has an unpaid account.


Customer notes and alerts are stored in the customer database.


When making a new booking for a customer with alerts or notes, they are shown with a warning or information icon