How to keep a spare room up your sleeve on busy nights

On Request Threshold

What happens to your last available room on busy nights? Have you ever found yourself in the middle of selling it to a walk-in, only to realise a sales channel booking has just come in at the same time? With iBex’s On Request Threshold, you can have a last room up your sleeve on nights like this, allowing you to make sure it’s sold as a direct booking - no commission and no risk of double bookings!


On Request Threshold is set on each room type. You could choose to have it on just one room type (wouldn’t it be good to have one spare of your most popular room?) or on multiple room types, for extra peace of mind. Once you are down to the last room of that type, it will automatically put itself to On Request status. This renders it unbookable on sales channels, but allows customers on your website to request a booking. You can then decline or accept the request - so if a walk-in has come in at the same time, you can decide which booking to accept.