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Be smarter about your rates with GenieIntelligence.

Seekom, partnered with RoomPriceGenie, officially launched GenieIntelligence, a revenue management tool designed to provide hotel partners with smart, actionable data and insights.

GenieIntelligence simplifies the process of pricing, meaning that you will be notified about your most important price changes early enough for you to benefit.

Revenue Management made Simple.

automated revenue management
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Market Analysis

No need for you to research competitor prices, or check on how quickly you are selling; GenieIntelligence does it all for you.

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Pickup Analysis

You're getting fewer or more bookings than expected? Our optimization algorithm will react quickly and efficiently.

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Get updates on events of all kinds! From concerts, sports games to exhibitions and tradeshows. Get the inside scoop so your rates can be set accordingly to maximize your yield.

2 minutes to set up. A lifetime of good prices.

Free Setup in Two Mintues

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In just five minutes a day you can have a huge positive impact on your revenue.

GenieIntelligence is completely free for users until 31 January 2021!

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